Subway Shot - Paris

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This is another pic from my trip to Paris. It was taking in the subway while going to Louvre Museum.

It was so awesome riding these subways in Paris, since it was only my 2nd time riding it. My first time was a couple of years back in Bucharest but that was really small compared to this.

Jolin Tsai - Myself


01 美人計
02 Missed Call (Interlude)
03 玩愛之徒
04 Secret Talk (Interlude)
05 派大星
06 Let's Start the Dance (Interlude)
07 黑髮尤物
08 無言以對
09 L'amour est parti (Interlude)
10 小傷口
11 娘子漢
12 七上八下
13 解散愛
14 I Love You Too (Interlude)
15 即時生效

This must be one of the best albums released this year. It's just amazing. I remember listening a lot to Jolin Tsai last year but this album is by far her best.

Recommended: "玩愛之徒" | "黑髮尤物" | "無言以對"
Not recommended: All interdude, they're freaking annoying.

Credits for the download goes to bestfiction@LJ

Forest shot

You know, I'm kinda confused about what this picture actually means but I liked it so I added it here.

Today was another great days for shooting expect that I found out that snakes are following me. In the past 2 weeks I went out shooting 3 times and I meet snakes everytime. First time I stepped with my bike on it, 2nd time I was tying to eat those fruits in the bushes and he was there and 3rd I was trying to climb a tree and he was there too, wth is wrong with me or all the snakes in that forest.