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SM Town Live In Paris Report

SM Town Live in Paris occurred June 10th and 11th. JpopAsia was there to cover Europe's biggest K-pop concert.

The Hallyu Wave has been sweeping across the world. With the demand for live K-pop performance abroad increasing, SM Entertainment's live concert series SM Town has gone beyond Asia to become one of the biggest international K-pop concerts. After traveling to Los Angeles on September 4th, 2010, SM Town headed to its second stop outside of Asia: Paris.

Despite the chilly weather and endless rain, thousands of fans began waiting outside of the Zenith de Paris for the concert and to catch their idols entering the building. Those in attendance anxiously awaited for their chance to see many of Korea's biggest stars such as f(x), Girls' Generation, Super Junior, DBSK and SHINee.
As people flooded into the concert hall, the excitement and energy of the crowd was enormous. As the concert neared its start, the lights in the venue went down to reveal a sea of glow sticks. Fans screamed loudly knowing the concert would start soon and somehow managed to scream even louder when the screen started playing the concert's introductory video. The video showed the night's performers bringing together the SM Town logo. As each idol appeared on screen, a new eruption of cheers would occur. After the introduction video, f(x) was first to take the stage. They performed their debut single "La Cha Ta", then spoke to the crowd, even throwing in some French. Jessica then took the stage alongside her sister Krystal to perform a cover of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" followed by f(x)'s "Chu~♡".
Next on stage were SHINee, performing their Boys Over Flowers OST hit "Stand By Me" followed by "Replay", "Get Down" and "Juliette". SHINee's unique fashion style and strong dance skills wowed the crowd who went wild for their performances. After a video break, Super Junior took to the stage with "Sorry Sorry Answer". Afterward, Heechul took to the stage not as Heechul, but as his Lady Gaga impersonation, Lady Hee Hee, with a cover of Lady Gaga's hit single "Poker Face". The comedic performances continued as Shindong, Eeteuk and Eunhyuk covered Beyonce's "Single Ladies" performance. During the performance, Shindong's dress fell, exposing his chest to the crowd, adding to the humor of the performance. Afterward, Heechul joined the 3 for a cover performance of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". Next, Kyuhyun and Seohyun took the stage for the touching duet "Way Back Into Love". At the end of the performance, the two held each others' hands, looked into their eyes and created a touching moment for the audience. Afterward, Key, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Minho appeared in the stands, causing loud screams of excitement as the rappers made there way through the crowd to reach the stage, performing a cover of YG Family's "A-Yo" together.
After another short break, SNSD went on stage for the first time, performing hit songs such as "Run Devil Run", "My Girl" and "Kissing You". In between performances, the girls would speak to the crowd in French and Korean, allowing French fans to understand their message.
When SNSD finished, Super Junior's Chinese sub group Super Junior M took the stage, performing the Korean version of their smash hit "Super Girl". After talking to the crowd, the rest of the group came on stage to perform another smash hit, "No Other". SNSD took the stage once again, performing "HAHAHA" and "Way To Go" before Super Junior returned with "Miracle" and "Dancing Out".
A short video was played before a set of strong dance performances turned the concert into a party. First on stage was f(x) energetically performing to their hit song "NU ABO" followed SHINee with their song "Ring Ding Dong". Super Junior followed with a rock remix of "Don't Don" followed by "Sorry Sorry". The next set of performances included f(x)'s "Gangsta Boy" and SHINee's "Hello", "Ready Or Not" and "A.Mi.Go". Afterward, SNSD performed "Hoot" and "Oh!". Onew then took the stage, performing "Nessun Dorma" from the opera "Turandot", delivering a breathtaking performance with flawless vocals that resonated with the audience. Afterwards, SM's best dancers participated in a dance battle. The battle featured strong dance performances from Luna, Enhyuk, Taemin and others to a mix of music. With the concert nearly 2 1/2 hours in, fans began to become restless since DBSK had still not made an appearance on stage yet. When DBSK finally hit the stage, the crowd erupted in excitement. The duo performed a mix of "They Way You Are" and "Mirotic", "Maximum", "Before U Go" and "Keep Your Head Down". The duo started off their performance by flying backwards from the front stage to the main stage, setting the bar high for the rest of their performance. The duo didn't disappoint, delivering some of the strongest performances of the night. After finishing their set, Super Junior took the stage once again, performing "BONAMANA" and "A Man In Love".
As the cocert came to a close, each artist came to the stage one more time for their final performance. f(x) took the stage to perform their latest hit "Pinocchio (Danger)". SHINee's final stage was for the song Lucifer. During the performance, the group was suspended in the air by wires and performed a laser show that drove the audience wild. This was followed by SNSD's "Gee", Super Junior's "U" and DBSK's "Rising Sun".
To end the show, SM Town took the stage to perform "Sorry Sorry Ending" and "HOPE". As the concert ended, everyone came on stage, waving to the crowd and speaking to them in French. Fans ended the show by giving their idols gifts in exchange for gifts they have given them: the gift of music and a memorable experience that no one in the audience will soon forget.

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